Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lowman Pauling & The "5" Royales

"5" Royales in hot pink, 1 Lowman Pauling with Guitar Face

This post is largely motivated by the recent circulation on the interwebz of the above photo. I mean, check it OUT! Pink dinner jackets! A black lacquer Duo Jet! Guitar Face! For the full run-down on R&B guitar legend L.P. & The "5" Royales, see the Hound's great post on the subject. Oh yeah, and these two records kill.

Say It - The "5" Royales

 The Slummer the Slum - The "5" Royales


jetydo said...

Slummer The Slum is a great track. Interestingly, the version on 2008's Oxford American music cd is about 15 seconds longer, with a 15 second guitar solo starting around 0:40. This version doesn't have that. According to allmusic.com, their 1959 album featured a version of the song that clocked in at under 2 minutes, just like yours posted here. I wonder where the longer version was first released?

Bob Pomeroy said...

Two versions, now double down jetydo!

iggy said...

Hi Guys. A quick FYI. The guitar solo you mentioned is included in the great Rhino "Monkey Hips and Rice" anthology, and it's almost 20 seconds starting at the 40 second mark. As you both know, every second of guitar that Lowman played is worth hearing. All the best to you.