Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Real Kids

Every once in a while ya get lucky, even in Beantown. I did a stint there myself from '06-'09, unhappy years for me, for the most part. Wasted years if not for (and you'll probably write me off as brain-dead for saying this) the Lyres--yep, Monoman having temporarily re-assembled one of his best line-ups (with Paul Murphy, Rick Corraccio, & Dan McCormack), they played some incredible shows during this period before the whole mess imploded again. Also, Boston's still got some great record stores, like Looney Tunes and In Your Ear. Then there's the odd occasion when the Real Kids, or what's left of them, play a show. The following footage was shot on one of their good nights, live at the dank old Cantab Lounge in Central Square, in the People's Republic of Cambridge, MA, March of 2009. Sure, John Felice's voice is a little raw, and he's kinda rough around the edges, as always, and the camera mic sounds like, well, a camera mic, but it's still amazingly intimate footage. Give a listen as Felice belts it out with real heart and peels off lick after lick. I was lucky enough to have been there too that night, one night when Beantown seemed all right.

Thanks to Bob Colby for posting these vids on YouTube.