Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ground Control to Gemini Spacecraft: We've Moved!

While the Gemini Spacecraft will likely maintain the usual orbital patterns you’ve come to know and love so well, ground control has recently relocated. That’s right, it’s goodbye Boston, Hello Brooklyn, USA. Not that the geographical change will mean much to GS readers (all both of you). Physical location of the blogger matters little in the Bloggo Sphere, except to say that the shift in location inspires me to say this: WOOO!! Adios Beantown! I won’t miss that place. Yiz can keep it. Tho I did have a lot of fun catching the Lyres’ monthly “rent gig” at the Kirkland Café (until it closed), and sometimes at the Abbey Lounge (before it closed), and then in the dank basement of the Cantab Lounge, in Central Square, Cambridge. Mono & Co were recently on a roll there for a couple of years, and I heard them play some mind-blowingly great shows, which, no shit, kinda restored my love for rock ‘n’ roll. And it was also fun to catch the Real Kids (or what’s left of ‘em) here and there a few times too.

With all this change happening, it's important to keep our eyes on the proverbial ball. Therefore, like some rabid chihuahua, the GS hereby sinks every lb per-square-inch of mighty jaw pressure right into the meat of its original editorial vision. What better way to do this than to post the Legendary Stardust Cowboy’s "I Took a Ride In a Gemini Spacecraft"? (See embedded streaming playlist) B-side to “Down in the Wreckin’ Yard,” it was released in 1969, on Mercury Records, and, after 40 years, still sounds like some kinda futuristic hillbilly sound poem. "Everything is Getting Bigger But Our Love", another favorite, sets the sentimental mood on a subsequent Mercury release, b/w the shmaltzy “Kiss and Run,” also from 1969.

The following shots of the Ledge were snapped at this year's Ponderosa Stomp, sent by my Austin pal Trey Robles, former drummer in John Schooley’s now defunct Hard Feelings (heard above playing their version of Roy Buchanan's "Mule Train Stomp"). No doubt the following pictorial will help to rocket the Gemini Spacecraft to the top of People Magazine’s list of this year's sexiest blogs. Thanks Angie!

B&W portrait of the Legendary Stardust Cowboy by Stephanie Chernikowski.


trey said...

hey bob, hope all is well in ny;angie actually took the pictures on her quality camera-all i own is a kodak fun saver.

Bob Pomeroy said...

Ok. I sent Angie shout-out.